Im banned, but why?

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Im banned, but why?

Beitrag von ande-rumper » Do 18 Feb 2021 09:12


I liked playing at your server, it was a lot of fun..
Out of the blue, i was banned? But why?

Can see that i got banned for ping masking, but i dont even know what that is lol..
Could it be because of the bad internet connection, last time i played?

my steam id, is STEAM_0:1:59555552
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Re: Im banned, but why?

Beitrag von YoUr-EnD » Sa 27 Feb 2021 17:33

it is maybe possible that you changed your "cl_cmdrate" try to enter in your console "cl_cmdrate 80" and try again. Everytime when you get a ban couse pinkmasking (means hide your real ping and show a fake one to the server to avoid highping kick) its just 5 minutes.